Sweet & Sour Pumpkin

Sweet & Sour

A very popular dish in Central India eaten with Puris (fried bread) as a breakfast. “My mother never cooked this at home as it was not a typical Punjabi dish.”
Kaeng Khiao Waan  Thai Green Curry

Kaeng Khiao Waan
Thai Green Curry

Green Curry is a classic traditional dish for special ceremonies. “It is better cooked with tofu, beef, pork or chicken but not with seafood”
Pad Thai /  Stir Fried Noodles

Pad Thai /
Stir Fried Noodles

“Every time I cook it, I end up eating too much.” Pad Thai is probably the most common and popular street food in Thailand, Pad means wok, means stir-fry. 
Bakwan Jagung /  corn fritters

Bakwan Jagung /
corn fritters

“A very popular street food snack in Indonesia, best eaten with sweet soy sauce – Indonesian kecap Manis or Sriracha”


“Growing up, we ate these lentils so much ! I eat this with boiled rice, pickles and a little bit of yogurt, and it just reminds me of home. ” Also known as Arhar Dal in North India, this is the most commonly cooked lentil dish in India.