Spicy Peanut  Chutney Powder

Spicy Peanut
Chutney Powder

This spice powder is one of the most popular condiment in South India usually eaten with rice, idli, dosa or upma. “I find it delicious with rice and a dollop of ghee.”
Fresh  Radish Pickle

Radish Pickle

This fresh pickle has so many flavours. “Its sweet, sour and spicy and very crunchy, perfect as a snack.”
Kaeng Khiao Waan  Thai Green Curry

Kaeng Khiao Waan
Thai Green Curry

Green Curry is a classic traditional dish for special ceremonies. “It is better cooked with tofu, beef, pork or chicken but not with seafood”
Spicy Cold  Watermelon Soup

Spicy Cold
Watermelon Soup

“One of my favourite chilled soups for the summer, Very easy to make and I love the hint of lime and chilli with the sweetness of watermelon”
Gado Gado  Salad

Gado Gado

“This is my favourite salad and my father makes it for special occasions”. Gado Gado is a warm Indonesian Salad which means mix mix