Spicy Peanut  Chutney Powder

Spicy Peanut
Chutney Powder

This spice powder is one of the most popular condiment in South India usually eaten with rice, idli, dosa or upma. “I find it delicious with rice and a dollop of ghee.”
Spicy Cold  Watermelon Soup

Spicy Cold
Watermelon Soup

“One of my favourite chilled soups for the summer, Very easy to make and I love the hint of lime and chilli with the sweetness of watermelon”
Fresh  Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney

“Its Fresh and bursting with flavours and I love eating this with all my meals.” Coconut Chutney is the most popular South Indian Dip eaten with breakfast or snack.
Akki Roti / Rice flatbread

Akki Roti / Rice flatbread

“A very popular breakfast  from Karnataka, South India which is crispy, savoury, gluten free and vegetarian.”  Akki Roti is best eaten with fresh coriander chutney and/or yoghurt.


“Growing up, we ate these lentils so much ! I eat this with boiled rice, pickles and a little bit of yogurt, and it just reminds me of home. ” Also known as Arhar Dal in North India, this is the most commonly cooked lentil dish in India.