Kaeng Khiao Waan  Thai Green Curry

Kaeng Khiao Waan
Thai Green Curry

Green Curry is a classic traditional dish for special ceremonies. “It is better cooked with tofu, beef, pork or chicken but not with seafood”
Spicy Cold  Watermelon Soup

Spicy Cold
Watermelon Soup

“One of my favourite chilled soups for the summer, Very easy to make and I love the hint of lime and chilli with the sweetness of watermelon”
Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

“One of the most famous Sichuan dishes with such a rich flavour! ” Surprisingly it’s very easy to cook 
Akki Roti / Rice flatbread

Akki Roti / Rice flatbread

“A very popular breakfast  from Karnataka, South India which is crispy, savoury, gluten free and vegetarian.”  Akki Roti is best eaten with fresh coriander chutney and/or yoghurt.
Bakwan Jagung /  corn fritters

Bakwan Jagung /
corn fritters

“A very popular street food snack in Indonesia, best eaten with sweet soy sauce – Indonesian kecap Manis or Sriracha”