Environment Policy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For Asian Kitchen in Berlin, responsibility means that we not only consider economic factors in our strategy, but keep our employees, the welfare of society and the environment in mind at all times too.

We comply with all applicable environmental, health and security regulations. We support secure and environmentally friendly services.

Our vision is the creation of sustainable value – for our customers and for our company.

We protect the life and health of our staff and neighbours as well as the general public, with regard to dangers that could be caused by us.

We use resources efficiently, use energy efficient and sustainable technologies and reduce waste as well as emissions into air, water and soil.

We minimise the environmental impact of our activities on biodiversity, climate change and water shortage.

We avoid environmental pollution

We regularly evaluate the effects on the environment and reduce them to a minimum wherever possible and economically justifiable.

We conserve resources

We use raw materials sparingly and energy as efficiently as possible. We reduce unavoidable emissions and waste to a minimum.

We consider environmental protection in all processes

Our efforts to continuously improve our environmental performance apply equally to planning and administrative activities and to our services.

All employees participate

All employees participate in the creation of living space for generations to come. For this reason, employees in all areas of the company are comprehensively informed, trained and included in the environmental protection concept.

We involve contractual partners and customers

Our contractors and suppliers must apply the same environmental standards as our own employees. Furthermore, we inform our customers about the relevant environmental aspects.

Our business activities are governed by our commitment to quality and the protection of the environment