with us

Our Values


We believe in authenticity
which ensures the quality of the cooking and the potential to be developed further.

Skill Share

We believe in community
which allows people to share their passion and exchange knowledge and skills.

Cultural Diversity

We believe in cultural diversity
which enables under-represented
cultures more accessible to the


We believe in a sustainable lifestyle
which educates people where the
food is from and rejects over-consumption.

Add Flavour To
Your Brand
We create unique creative concepts to help our sponsors with highlighting their brand values, which correspond with our ideology of promoting healthy, diverse and sustainable cooking cultures.
Home-made Distributions On Our Platform
With our cross-media channels and live events in Berlin, we offer various options of brand exposure and integration into our platform to ensure our audience and customers to see, to smell and to taste the real flavour of your brand.
A Strong After-taste With Your Target Customers
With our insights of consuming behaviour of our audience and customers, we enable a strong influence of your brand value towards our audience and customers in order to meet your marketing purpose.

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