Our Cook

Passionate About Cooking

Are you always passionate about cooking Asian cuisines? Do you dream about developing your passion further than just a hobby? Stop by and have a cup of tea with us to discuss the potentials.

Share Your Authentic Recipes

Whether there’s a secret ingredient from your grandma, or some genius tips you picked up during your last visit in Asia, share your recipes with our audience worldwide .

Host A Private Dinner

You can’t wait to show off your wonderful cooking? We can’t wait to taste it either! Host a private dinner for a small group of guests with us to indulge them with your most proud dishes!

Host A Workshop

Live demonstration helps better with certain tricky cooking techniques, also it’s essential for the newbies to raise questions and get explained. Host a workshop with us to help others master the dish you are  presenting.

Connect With Other Cooks

Join our community to exchange cooking ideas, ingredients and knowledge with other cooks, together we celebrate and develop Asian cuisines and the culture behind  it.

Please get in touch with us for further discussion