About Us

ASIAN offers an incredible variety of cultures, traditions and a celebration of tastes and flavors.
KITCHEN is a crucial component of Asian society – food expresses and establishes relationships among people.
BERLIN embodies openness, cooperation, courage and tolerance.
Asian Kitchen in Berlin invites you to an authentic culinary experience: to cook, lean and to indulge!
Our Story

Jing is originally from China and moved to Berlin four years ago. As a media producer, she meets new people all the time. Not even one single time that she wasn’t asked the same question: Where do you go for authentic Chinese food in Berlin?

Having lived in London for 20 years and Berlin the last 5 years, Piyush always makes a jar of pickle from his mother’s Indian recipe in every household he’s been living. Piyush has also successfully hosted supper club events in Berlin, focusing on Indian cuisine.

The two of us met in Berlin and we are both crazy about great food and sharing the culture behind it. So we came up with the idea of sharing authentic Asian home-recipes and cooking skills as well as celebrating the Asian food culture and building a community through our events and festivals!

Our Vision

To promote authentic home food recipes from Pan-Asian countries to a wider network of audience both in Germany and internationally.

To promote cultural diversity and inter-cultural integration by strengthening partnerships within communities and sharing skills and knowledge.

To promote cooking with local ingredients and sustainable food consumption and create long-term economic value for society.

Our Team

Piyush Suri

Founder & Managing Director

An engineer turned designer, Piyush’s cooking is both precise and sensuously inviting. After a master’s degree from Central Saint Martins, London, Piyush has established a successful career in craft festivals curation, marketplace management and as a designer.

Jing Li

Founder & Creative Director

On top of her great appetite and skills of finding authentic Asian food all over the world, Jing’s expertise extends over a wide range of domains in media, covering conceptual, production and marketing aspects in advertisement, TV and feature films.